How it Works

The Computer Ownership Scheme enables registered students of Nigerian universities to own a brand new laptop with top-notch configuration and option for installment or outright payment.

Whichever payment option suits your Sponsor/Guardian, you are entitled to a TEN THOUSAND NAIRA (₦10,000) grant from the Federal Government!

Your ₦10,000 is payable directly to the bank your sponsor obtains a loan from for the installment payment option, or to the OEM in the case of outright payment.

  • Register here, then order a computer.
    • Specify that you want to pay at once and select a bank you want to pay to.
    • Your University confirms your status as a student.
    • 10,000 naira will be deposited to the bank on your behalf.
    • You pay the balance for the PC you want to purchase to the bank selected.
  • OR;
    • Specify that you want to pay in instalments
    • Your sponsor/guardian will be notified of the registration via email.
    • Your University confirms your status as a student.
    • Your sponsor/guardian is provided a link via which they request a loan from any of the participating banks.
    • The bank selected by your sponsor would receive your sponsor’s application and review it.
    • Once the bank approves your sponsor’s loan, the initial deposit of 10,000 is paid on your behalf.
  • The PC vendor, a partner original equipment manufaturer(OEM), initiates the process of delivering the PC requested. During this time, you will be updated of:
    • The status of your PC bundle procurement;
    • A contact person at their office and;
    • An expected delivery date.

Please note that, depending on the bank your sponsor chooses, the following criteria apply



First bank

  • Duly completed loan application form+ Customer's letter of request
  • Most current 6 months statement of account of the Applicant (where Customer's account relationship with FBN is less than 6 months)
  • Three (3) months' payslip within the last six (6) months for non-FBN staff
  • Proforma invoice for equipment to be financed.
  • Favourable CBN CRMS,CRC and CRS/XDS credit reports not later than one month from the date of issuance
  • Valid copy of acceptable Identification e.g. Driver's license, International Passport or National Identity card, FBN staff ID card, Employer ID card and e-tax card bearing the photograph of the holder
  • Confirmed letter of irrevocable domiciliation of salary from Employers (Bank standard format) and or the new mandate letter from the applicant to his employer (Mandate to be acknowledged by the employer) accompanied with a letter of introduction stating clearly the company's intention to continue to domicile the applicant salary with first bank, as well as the customer length of years in service and current position
  • Diamond Bank

  • The COP is available to salary earners and non-salary earners who should not be less than 18 years or greater than 60 years.
  • Evidence of ownership of business(For Business owners)
  • Evidence of employment(For Salary Earners)
  • Repayment options ranging from 3 months to 12 months
  • Competitive rates:
    • 15% - Sponsors with existing Salary account with Diamond Bank
    • 17% - Sponsors with salary account domiciled in another bank
    • 18% - Sponsors with an existing SME account
    • 23% - New-to-bank customers, i.e Sponsors that do not have any existing account with Diamond Bank
  • GTB

  • The primary obligor/borrower (parent /guardian) should have received at least the last month's salary with GTBank or will be willing to transfer salary account from another Bank to GTBank before availment of facility.
  • The customer must not have any past due obligation with any bank.
  • The customer must not have any adverse CRMS or Credit Bureau report.
  • The customer must be a confirmed staff.
  • GTBank application form and Salary Domiciliation form (Employer Undertaking).
  • Tenor should not exceed 18 months.
  • Monthly repayment should not exceed 35% of the customer's net monthly salary.
  • Sterling Bank

  • Simplified Customer application form (Attached )
  • Application Letter
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Means of ID( Current school ID or Corp Member ID)
  • Letter of Introduction from Federal/State University Dept or NYSC
  • Three (3) Months Bank Statement
  • Three (3) Months' payslip
  • Where there is no Existing Current account with Sterling Bank customer will be required to open a classic current account.
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